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We stand for simple bathroom renovation and perfect quality. And although we plan digitally, you are always in contact with wonderful people.


The people behind the miracle

We are not a faceless company, but a creative team that loves its work.

At WunderWorks, we have one goal: to help you transform your old bathroom into something special in the blink of an eye and from a single source. With our flexible design elements, we offer room solutions that set no limits to your imagination. And our team of interior designers, bathroom planners and specialist tradespeople enable us to offer you this service.

Whether it’s a small facelift or a complete renovation, from a new shower to a completely new look and feel: you decide what needs to be done and our team of wonderful experts will put together an all-round carefree package tailored to your individual needs.

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung
WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung
WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung

Your BathMaster

… take all your wishes on board and work with you to find the perfect solution for redesigning your bathroom. Regardless of whether you only need a single product, would like design suggestions or want your bathroom to be given a complete face-lift.

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung



“ Even after 22 years of professional experience in the sanitary industry, I find it fascinating how the same bathroom layout can be designed differently. There is more than just one solution! The bathroom has to suit the customer and not the other way around. As soon as our customers tell us their wishes and needs for their new bathroom, they automatically become co-designers.“

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung



“ I have been working in the sanitary industry for 20 years and have specialized in bathroom planning over the years. I love realizing my customers‘ wishes and being able to contribute my own creativity. Every bathroom is individual and should be designed as such.“

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung



“ As an interior designer, I focused on all aspects of the bathroom early on. That was a good 25 years ago and this fascination has stayed with me to this day. New products and new techniques make more and more possible. So planning is always exciting, because it’s always about YOU and your personal dream bathroom.“


Your BathTechnicians

… work with you on site and together with the bathroom partners to ensure that all ideas are implemented professionally and that you can enjoy your new bathroom quickly and easily. The bathroom technicians are your contacts during the entire construction period.

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung



“ I feel responsible for my customers. At the end of the day, I want to hand over a perfect bathroom. That’s why it’s important to be on site in person and provide close support during the construction phase.“

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung



“ As a master craftsman for 35 years, I have made it my mission to use modern technology and new products to ensure that you get the bathroom of your dreams.“


Your BathPartners

… are registered specialist tradesmen who we were able to inspire with our wonderful idea and who, together with our team, have made it their mission to transform your bathroom into your wonderful dream bathroom.

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung

Himpenmacher & Fleck


Our Vision

Using the creativity of our team and the technologies of the industry, we have developed innovative and space-creating design elements that enable us to realize a complete bathroom renovation in 5 days.

Our Mission

WunderWorks aims to provide its customers with a wonderful bathroom renovation that is individually tailored to both the local conditions and the needs of our customers. Regardless of whether a toilet is being replaced or the entire bathroom is to be renovated. We minimize construction times, noise and dirt with space-creating design elements.

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung

What are we doing better?

With our flexible design elements, we offer individual room solutions that set no limits to your imagination.

The precise planning and prefabrication of the design elements with their seamless surfaces enable an extremely short construction time.

It usually only takes us three days from the idea to the planning stage to the finished offer. You decide when you want to get started. We take care of the clean and precise execution on site.

WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung
WunderWorks - WunderWorks Badsanierung

Would you like to
get to know us ?

Give us a call (040 22633 0590), write us an e-mail (badplanung@wunderworks.com) or send us a message on WhatsApp. We are looking forward to your feedback.